Knowledge about the Collaborative Scotland initiative is spreading! One of our guests at the Grassmarket event in December, recognised the potential synergies between the objectives of Collaborative Scotland and a web facility recently developed by Miituu (www.miituu.com) and introduced us to the company’s CEO, David High. The Miituu facility enables users to generate questionnaires and gather … Continue reading Miituu

‘A letter to the editor’ John Sturrock

Excerpts of the following were published in the letters page in Scotland on Sunday on 20 April 2014   Your cover story on Sunday April 6 brought the welcome news that thought is being given to healing divisions caused by the “increasingly bitter” independence debate and to ensuring that “the split being played out in … Continue reading ‘A letter to the editor’ John Sturrock

‘Collaboration by Design’ A blog by Charlie Woods

When we think of good design our thoughts are likely to turn to beautiful, functional objects. Yet in conversation with a group of designers the other day it became apparent that design could also play a key part in shaping the provision of services and other human endeavours that rely on good relationships. One by one, … Continue reading ‘Collaboration by Design’ A blog by Charlie Woods

‘Whose Shoes’ A blog by Charlie Woods

As one of the initial signatories of the protocol for a respectful dialogue I recently found myself rather shamefacedly apologising for my contribution to a less than exemplary discussion with friends over dinner. As the meal progressed I increasingly felt I was generating more heat (and noise) than light as I got more and more … Continue reading ‘Whose Shoes’ A blog by Charlie Woods