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Knowledge about the Collaborative Scotland initiative is spreading!

One of our guests at the Grassmarket event in December, recognised the potential synergies between the objectives of Collaborative Scotland and a web facility recently developed by Miituu ( and introduced us to the company’s CEO, David High.

The Miituu facility enables users to generate questionnaires and gather responses in the form of short video clips made by responders. It encourages the sharing of opinions amongst people and fosters the inclusive and collaborative spirit we advocate.  One of the suite of questionnaires developed by Miituu is linked to the Referendum question.  In this connection, David has signed up to our Commitment to Respectful Dialogue and adopted the Protocol  for the Scottish referendum questionnaire.

David’s positive response is greatly welcomed. We hope that many more will join him in committing to respectful dialogue as they go about expressing their opinions and debating this crucial matter.

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