Day of Dialogue Announcement

John Sturrock comments:

“The purpose of the event is not to set out arguments for Yes or No. That is being done elsewhere. This is a more reflective day. We are privileged to have keynote conversations with some fascinating people, all of whom are committed to politics and decision-making in this country being done really well. And William Ury’s books provide great titles for the conversation! As an adviser to presidents and governments and having been involved in some of the toughest negotiations around the world in the past three decades, this is a real coup.

Our theme is collaboration. Whatever the outcome, this day will give us opportunities to reflect on how the referendum has been conducted and, more importantly now as we look forward, how we can work together afterwards.  In addition to the keynote conversations, we will have a series of workshops for people to discuss and explore some of the things that really matter to them. The events are open to all. People can come and go and attend for as long as they wish.

And, at the end of the day of dialogue, we intend to invite people to commit to reconciliation and respect after the referendum, with a formal signing in Greyfriars Kirk, where so much of Scottish history has been shaped.

A Midnight Vigil will conclude the day, as we anticipate the transition from September 18 to September 19, whatever the outcome. It seems crucial that we prepare for afterwards, and how we can imaginatively handle differences of view, disappointments and any concerns which are a hangover from events in the lead up to September 18.

Whatever the outcome, we need to work hard to ensure that we can live well together after the referendum. The Day of Dialogue is an opportunity do just that.”

Register here.

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