Day of Dialogue Resources

After a successful event, we are pleased to provide the following audio and visual resources.

In particular, we are delighted to provide a video for the William Ury Master Class, and a performance of Christine De Luca’s moving poem, The Morning After.

We hope these will encourage people to reflect on how to handle the lead up to the referendum, and to look ahead to the period afterwards – understanding the need to work collaboratively and with reconciliation in mind.

Keynote Conversation 1 – Collaborating Across Silos: Energising Scotland

  • Dan Macdonald, Founder of N56, Chief Executive, Macdonald Estates
  • Peter Lederer, CBE, Chairman of Gleneagles Hotel
  • Jane Wood, Chief Executive of Scottish Business in the Community
  • Josh Littlejohn, social entrepreneur and founder of Social Bite



Keynote Conversation 2 – Looking back and looking forward: Reflection about Scotland and the Referendum

  • Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary
  • Andrew Wilson, former SNP MSP and commentator



Keynote Conversation 3 – Master Class with William Ury

  • William Ury, Harvard, co-author of Getting to Yes and The Power of a Positive No




Keynote Conversation 4 – Looking Forward: Constitutional Futures for the British Isles?

  • David Melding AM, Deputy Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales
  • Conor Murphy MP and former member of the Northern Ireland Assembly



 Further Resources:



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