More power to Collaborative Scotland and the values it is promoting. I regret the vituperative tone adopted by some of my fellow-countrymen, particularly those who hide under the cloak of anonymity. Whatever we may wish to add to the public discourse, surely this can and should be said signing it with our real names.. Might not that alone raise the tone of our national discourse? We need openness, mutual respect and as much civility in our discussions as we can muster. We are all going to be living in one Scotland post 18 September after all, whatever the result or the referendum. Final thought: I suggest it behooves our politicians to challenge anyone who descends into anonymous, aggressive, disrespectful, offensive commenting, especially those commentators on their side of the debate. Political leaders would do well to ponder their responsibility to “rein them in.” They can and should distance themselves and their parties from all offensive language and behavior.

Iain Archibald