Welcome to Collaborative Scotland

Our aim is to show the world that Scotland can conduct a civil, civilised and thorough examination of the issues that will leave a legacy for building a constructive future, regardless of the referendum’s outcome.

Read Collaborative Scotland and Core Solution’s joint submission to the Smith Commission, in which we say that new approaches to process and decision-making are likely to be as important as new approaches to substantive constitutional arrangements.

More than 300 people have already signed up to our Commitment to Respectful Dialogue, which you can add your name to here.  More importantly, we hope that many people will take this Commitment and use it in conversations about Scotland’s future.

Our site also provides resources to help stimulate discussion and foster respectful, constructive and collaborative dialogue.

Included are recordings and resources from our highly successful Day of Dialogue, held on 4 September, two weeks before the referendum, as well as the summaries of two fascinating Conversations held in the past year, attended by over 100 people who discussed the kind of Scotland they would like to see whatever the result of the referendum.

Here are some of the many supportive comments that we have received.

IMG_0940      Alison Elliot

More pictures from Day of Dialogue


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