A “Pop Up Mediation”: A Very Real Family Problem: A Political Allegory

Join us for a “Pop Up Mediation”

    • Grassmarket Community Project
    • 86 Candlemaker Row | EH1 2QA Edinburgh | United Kingdom
  • Thursday, June 14, 2018 from 5:45 PM to 9:30 PM

The parents had passed away many years ago. They had left detailed arrangements for the children (two sisters, a brother and twins) and for a long time the youngsters had got on tolerably well. Big sister tended to make decisions and lead the way in the family’s contacts with the neighbours and relatives abroad. Every now and then, the family would fall out with some of the close neighbours. This brought out the best in the family and each of the children would play major roles in re-establishing the family’s position in the community.

But things had changed now. To that freedom-seeking part of headstrong brother, big sister’s rejection of the neighbours was bringing out the worst in her. Indeed, big sister seemed to want to take back some of the control that she had given to headstrong brother. She had said she would consult with him but that she had to take decisions for them all. But he wanted a relationship of equals and for them to work together consensually.

Read more about the “family’s” problems here — and ponder the similarities to our current political situation.

Mediators have been called in to help. The interactive format of the mediation will be managed like a conventional mediation. “Family” members will be represented by participants working in groups, with pauses to discuss the learning arising from the experience.

Facilitated by Core Senior Mediator, John Sturrock, with Charlie Woods.

All are welcome. Food will be served (a cash donation of £20 to cover the cost of food and hire will be welcome on the evening of the event).

Interested? Register here on Eventbrite by Monday 11 June 2018

Questions? Contact Miriam.Kennedy@core-solutions.com

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