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The Outcomes of Respectful Dialogue, by Linda Jane McLean

I reluctantly attended the meeting on 21st May of Collaborative Scotland.

Why was I reluctant? I didn’t know if it was “worth it”.

I was unsure if what I was going to achieve or learn would be worthwhile. I was uncertain whether it was worth the journey from Motherwell to Edinburgh. I was irresolute about whether it was worth my time. I had been given a casual invitation from a friend whom I trusted: this was the only reason I persisted.

All these unfathomable elements took their toll. I found myself wondering again and again if it was worth it. When I hit heavy traffic, when there were road works, when I had difficulty parking…..should I go on? What would I gain?

However, having reached my destination, the event made me consider many things, which now, upon reflection, I feel able to share.
It was nothing short of life changing.

The “Respectful Dialogue” assisted the group to encourage others to rely on inner resources that are seldom tapped into. It prodded us to use intuition and the ability to innovate in the face of uncertainty. I learned that deep trust and respect could be built within the group, and that by helping each fellow, we can get beyond the devaluing process that we hold.

We were allowed to experience, for the first time perhaps, what deep alignments are possible.
It fostered a coalescing of group leaders from many sectors of the Community around items of shared concern, and assisted in moving towards a successful resolution. We were put in a situation where we had to reach deeply into ourselves, to evoke our higher nature, and simultaneously understand that we are all connected. By learning from this experience, we could be flexible and adapt quickly to change.

It was an inspiring night, and if you missed it, I am truly sorry.

I am also extremely grateful that my commitment took me there. The next time my little nagging voice asks “why?” I shall inform it that we are going on a great adventure!
What is THAT worth?

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