Multi-Party Dialogue on the Challenge of Climate Change

Date: Friday 29 May 2015

As we head for the vital COP conference in Paris in December 2015, how can we engage diverse groups in a meaningful discussion about the real interests and issues which the challenge of global warming presents?

Join us for a day-long event in which everyone participates, alongside subject matter experts, in a facilitated dialogue about what really matters, how we can deal with it and whether we can realistically make a difference.

This event is preceded by a dinner and conversation on the evening of Thursday 28 May with our special guest John Ashton, former Special Representative for Climate Change at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Director for Strategic Partnerships at LEAD International, and founder and CEO of Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G). We will discuss whether maintaining our capitalist economic system and addressing the causes of climate change are fundamentally out of alignment. The question of the age?

We recommend John’s latest blog on Sustainable Mediation

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