Why didn’t we have this conversation a year ago?

24-27 August 2015: Mediating Conversations about Conflict at the Festival Fringe: The Church, the Constitution and the Climate An evening of dialogue about conflict, hosted by leading mediator John Sturrock. Featuring music with a house band, food and, more importantly, conversations with distinguished guest speakers about important contemporary issues where conflict abounds. Monday 24th August:… Continue reading Why didn’t we have this conversation a year ago?

Multi-Party Dialogue

Thursday 30 October 2014, 6-9.30pm Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St Mary's St A Mediated Multi-Party Dialogue about what powers Scotland should now have, in light of the work of the Smith Commission. The session will include: discussion of how to prepare for a multi-party mediation; identification of the parties; conversations in groups, representing the parties… Continue reading Multi-Party Dialogue

Day of Dialogue

The Referendum: Respect and Reconciliation | Thursday 4 September 2014 Click here for the video recording of the Master Class with William Ury. View Programme The Day of Dialogue took place exactly two weeks prior to the referendum, to encourage people to reflect on how to handle the lead up to the referendum, and to look… Continue reading Day of Dialogue